BLOG11: Celebrity Martial Artists – Kickboxing Edition

BLOG11: Celebrity Martial Artists – Kickboxing Edition

Kickboxing covers a number of martial arts, ranging from Western variations like the french Savate, through to the devastating Muay Thai from the East. What would a fight scene be like without some some of those headkicks? Not great – and many movie stars seem to agree. Let’s look at some celebrities who do kick-boxing…

van-damme-posterJean Claude Van Damme

The ‘muscles from Brussels’ is an obvious choice (as is Chuck Norris), because he was mainly famous for his martial arts related movies. He competed at an international level in kickboxing as well as Karate. From 1977 to 1982, Van Damme compiled a record of 18 victories (18 knockouts) and 1 defeat.






ryan-gosling-posterRyan Gosling

Gosling recently trained with Muay Thai master Kiu Puk two hours a day, four days a week to get ready for his role in the movie ‘Only God Forgives’. Muay Thai is a brutal art, and this was a huge undertaking for an actor to commit to.







Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer also dedicated a lot of time to kickboxing in preparation for her role in Catwoman in the 1992 film “Batman Returns”. The film studio enlisted five-time World Kickboxing champion Kathy Long to “get her in the best shape of her career.” Long spent six months on the set with Pfeiffer, training her so she could accomplish some realistic moves in that legendary catsuit.






Do you know of any other celebrity kickboxers?